Erotic Detailed Product Information

Fungac Erotic For Play Supplement

Erotic For-Play

Erotic for-play is a unique formulation of potent mushrooms combined with Gac fruit for optimal sexual health and reproductive functions. It significantly modulates sexual hormones and positively supports sexual activity for better enjoyment and excitement. Erotic For-Play is specifically designed to enhance low libido, optimize sexual desire and improve various sexual dysfunctions in both men and women. Moreover, it helps promote the sexual drive, preserve vital physiological functions, and increase satisfaction during sexual intercourse, invigorating sexual wellbeing and longevity. Note that an expert’s team scientifically processed the whole ingredients in a well-certified facility following GMP guidelines for an effective FUNGAC product. Plus, Erotic for-Play does not involve any synthetic chemicals and is free from harmful additives. Additionally, the final formulation is packed with Black Pepper Extract for maximum absorption and protection in the gastrointestinal tract.

Features of Erotic for-Play by FUNGAC Essentials Inc.

  • Non-GMO and Gluten-Free formulation
  • USDA Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Free from Synthetic Chemicals
  • No risk of Side Effects
  • Promote Sexual Wellbeing
  • Improve Libido
  • Enhance Sexual Desire
  • Support Sexual Health
  • Effective for Both Men and Women
  • Quality Formulation at Cheap Price

How does Erotic for-Play by FUNGAC Essentials Inc. Work?

The combo mushrooms formulation protects vital cellular functions, optimize sexual hormones level, promote nitric oxide concentration, restores sexual motivation and increase the number and duration of sexual intercourse sessions. Moreover, the presence of potent mushrooms improves sperm count, motility, and survival that support manhood sexual activity. Additionally, both Black Maca and Horny goat weed increase libido, enhance sexual desire and support more enjoyable sexual experiences in both men and women. Also, regular Erotic for-Play by FUNGAC Essentials Inc. increases oxygen consumption, delays fatigue, improves blood flow to vital organs, and increases energy production that aids both sexual performance and stamina.

Health Benefits of Erotic for-Play

Improve Libido and Sexual Performance

Mushrooms are highly reported in Chinese traditional medicine for low libido, sexual performance, and sexual dysfunctions. Erotic for-Play is a perfect combo of sex driving mushrooms that modulate the level of the hormones, including testosterone and estrogen, in both sexes. It significantly improves low libido, optimizes manhood for maximal performance, helps erectile dysfunction, and revitalizes inner vitality and sexual wellbeing. 

Enhance Sexual Desire

The presence of potent aphrodisiacs mushrooms combined with Gac fruit boosts sexual desire and suppresses the lack of sexual arousal. Erotic for-Play naturally enhances the arousal stage in both men and women for perfect sexual intercourse and satisfaction. Additionally, it supports physical endurance and strength spiking up sexual performance and stamina. 

Promote Sexual Health and Activity

Optimal consumption of Erotic for-Play mushrooms combo supports physiological and psychological behaviors during sexual intercourse sessions that improve sexual health and activity. Moreover, it significantly helps mental stress, relieves mood distractions, boosts sexual interest, and promotes optimal sexual activity. 

Note, please read the Erotic for-Play label for suggested dose and precautionary measures.